Cross-Border Gambling Reporting Platform

I. This platform is opened in accordance with the Notice of the Ministry of Public Security on Cracking Down on Cross-Border Gambling and Telecom Frauds. Reporting on crimes is welcomed. Please read the contents of this section carefully before reporting.
II. This platform only accepts clues to cross-border gambling crimes. Please directly contact competent department if you want to report clues to other crimes.
III. The clues we accept include but not limit to: Chinese citizens who are engaged in overseas or online gambling, or who work in overseas casinos; Units or individuals who make arrangements for Chinese citizens to foreign countries for gambling or who provide fund settlement services or cyber technology support for cross-border gambling; Other crimes related to cross-border gambling, including gang crimes, frauds, money laundering, kidnapping, unlawful detainment, human abduction and trafficking, and illegal entrance into a foreign country.
IV. Real-name crime-reporting is preferred. Please do fill in contact details accurately (Sections with * are mandatory). Your information will be treated strictly in confidence in accordance with law. Truthful account is demanded and you will be accountable for what you report. When is enquired or cooperate with investigation, you should report accurately and provide authentic evidence.
V. To improve the efficiency of this platform, please do not repeatedly submit information. After you successfully submit the information, the system will automatically produce a clue number. You can check the progress and add new information through the clue number.
VI. We encourage the public to report crimes. Whoever provides verified and vital clues, shall be given rewards. Whoever fabricates a case or frames up an innocent individual or unit, shall be treated sternly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Whoever commits illegal or criminal acts, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

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